Born in Perthshire comprises a series of short essays on well-known figures born within the historical county of Perthshire. Each topical and biographical piece includes an original associated illustration. Born in Perthshire includes: William Archer:; Winifred Anna Cavendish Bentinck; Patrick Blair; General Edward Braddock; Alexander Bryce; Alexander Buchan; John Buchan; Peter Robert Drummond; Victoria Alexandrina Drummond; Mary Williamina Findlater:; David Octavius Hill; Marjory Kennedy-Fraser; Lena Login; Lawrence MacDonald; Alexander Mackenzie; James Mackenzie:; John James Rickard Macleod; Archibald Menzies; David Morrison; Eliza Ogilvy; Caroline Oliphant; Pontius Pilate; Robert Gillespie Reid; John Monteath Robertson; Thomas Ross; George Seton; Robert Stirling; John Wood. The book also includes separate chapters entitled ‘A Brief Guide to a Few of the (Historical) Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals of Perth & District’ and ‘Honorary Burgesses & Honorary Freemen of Perth’. Born in Perthshire is the first in a series of Tippermuir Mini Books, which will cover a range of subjects all with the central theme of the city of Perth and its district.

Perth: Street by Street is an architectural, archaeological, geographical, historical, and visual journey around the city of Perth’s c.630 streets, avenues, closes, roads, and vennels. Drawing on a range of disciplines, Perth: Street by Street will appeal both to those readers interested in the history and life of Perth, and to anyone who has lived, worked, or spent time in Scotland’s Fair City. For the people of Perth and those who hail from St John’s Town, the book will be particularly poignant. Within its pages, readers may find their own homes, place of birth, workplaces, schools, favourite shops, and the public architecture and civic backdrop which form a part of their everyday existence. The book is available online from Amazon and other internet retailers, and from the following bookshops: Waterstones (Perth), WHSmith (Perth), Sweet Words (Dunkeld), as well as from Gloagburn Farm Shop by Tibbermore.

Kitty Atholl (Katherine Murray) - Politician & Scotland's First Woman MP

John Buchan - Author and Statesman

Patrick Geddes - Town Planner, Scientist, and Reformer

Hamish Henderson - Songwriter and Historian

David Morrison - Chartist Leader and Trade Unionist - and Chartism in Perth

Eliza Ogilvy - Poet and Letter Writer

Pontius Pilate - Roman Procurator of Judaea

William Soutar - Poet and Diarist

James Peeble Ewing Kennaway - Novelist and Screenwriter

Caroline Oliphant, Lady Nairne - Poet

General James Wolfe - Soldier & Conqueror of Quebec

William Archer - Dramatic Critic, Playwright, and Translator of Ibsen

Naomi Mitchison - Author and Poet

Patrick Ruthven - Soldier

Adam Anderson - Schoolmaster, Engineer, and Professor of Natural Philosophy

James Maxton - Orator & Politician

John Maclean - Revolutionary and Educator

Oswald Mosely - Leader of British Union of Fascists

Martin Niemoller - Pastor and Defier of Adolf Hitler

Lord George Murray - Jacobite General

Thomas Small - Covenanter

Thomas Maclagan - Medical Pioneer

Adam Abel - Chronicler

Alexander Stewart - Shoemaker and Gaelic Scholar

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell of the Yukon - Explorer

Patrick Blair - Botanist, Surgeon, and Anatomist

John James Richard Macleod - Nobel Prize Winner and Developer of Insulin

James Croll - Physicist

Andrew Brodie - Covenanter

Henry Home - Lord of Session

Paul Cameron - Pitlochry's Photographer

James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie - Politician

Lieutenant-General Robert Stuart of Annat and Rait

John Mylne - Master Mason

Daniel Stewart - Benefactor

Thomas Ross - Architect

William Henderson - Medical Doctor

Robert Southey - Poet and Writer

William Macdonald Mackenzie - Architect

The Ruthven Family and the Gowrie Conspiracy

Thomas Hay Marshall - Magistrate and Baillie

Malcolm Bruce - Poet

Anna Buchan - O. Douglas - Writer

Anabella Drummond - Wife of 1st Earl of Montrose

James (Gillespie) Graham-Architect

J.D. Fergusson - Painter

Jane Findlater and Mary Findlater - Writers

Hugh Haliburton - Poet

David Octavius Hill - Painter and Photographer

David Mallet (Malloch ) - Poet and Songwriter

John MacDiarmid - Writer

Robert Gillespie Reid - Bridge Builder

John Tulloch - Theologian

John Monteath Robertson - Crystallographer

Thomas Semton - Religious Figure

Arthur Keith - Curator, Anatomist, and Anthropologist

Robert Stuart - Historian and Writer

Thomas Young - Clergyman

William Simpson - Watercolourist and Journalist

Robert Stirling - Clergyman and Inventor

Thomas Thomson - Chemist

James Young - Inventor and Engineer

Thomas Young - Theologian

Donald Maxwell - Opera Singer

Belle Stewart (Stewarts of Blair) - Folksinger, Poet, and Songwriter

Arthur Dewar - Cricket Player

Dick Gaughan - Folk Singer

Caledonian Road Primary School

North Church

The Fair Maid's House

Abernethy Museum

The Soutar House

The Sheriff Court

Errol Brickworks

Abbey Church

Newton Castle

Moulin Brewary

North Church

The Watermill

St. Mary's Chapel

St. Cuthbert's Old Kirk

The Burgh Chambers

Perth Bridge 1621 and 1766

The Mercat Cross

Drummond Gardens

Innerpeffray Library and St Mary's Chapel

The Keep, Drummond Castle

Murthly Castle

Tullibardine Chapel

Tullibole Castle

St. Paul's Church

Balvaird Castle

Skinnergate; Kirkgate; High Street

House of Menzies

Kinross Parish Church

Michael Bruce Museum

Burleigh Castle

George Street and Perth Bridge

Scottish Crannog Centre

Baxters Vennel

Riverside Methodist Church

Blair Atholl Distillery

Kinross House Gardens

Tolbooth Steeple

Innerpeffray Library and Chapel

Moulin Kirk

Morrison's Academy

Blair Adam House

Greyfriars Burial Ground

Cleaven Dyke

Melville Garage

Stanley Mills

Stanley Parish Church

Stanley House and Inchbervis Castle

South Street

Tay Street

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Fortingall Kirk

Atholl Palace Hotel and Museum

Abernethy Museum

The Fair Maid's House

The Watergate

The Town Lade

Perth Libraries

Queen’s Bridge

Fergusson Gallery

Branklyn Gardens

Old Bank of Scotland Building

Other Places in Perthshire of Interest

Perth Congregational Church

St John 's Kirk

Chapels and Monasteries of Perth

Friarton Bridge

Castle Menzies

The Charterhouse

St. John's Kirk

St. Ninian's Cathedral

King James VI Hospital

Kinnoull Aisle and Monument

Bowerswell House

Tibbermore Parish Church

Dalcrue Farm

St. Serf's Church

Strathallan School

Kinnoull Parish Church

St. Mary's Monastery

Coupar Angus and District Heritage Association

Hill Church

Atholl Palace Hotel and Museum

David Douglas Pavilion and Explorers Garden

St. Magdalene's Gunpowder Store

Methven and Logiealmond Parish Church

Glenalmond College

Aberdalgie Church and Oliphant Slab

Craighall Castle

Abernethy Round Tower

All Saints Episcopal Church

Castle Huntly

Crieff Parish Church and St. Andrew's Hall

North and South Inch

Tibbermore Church

North Church

Hal o' the Wynd House

Perth City Hall

Marshall Place

James VI Golf Course

Perth Sculpture Trail

Bell’s Cherrybank Gardens

St. Matthew’s Church

Riverside Methodist Church

Hellenic Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War






Some Plaques and Signs in Perth I

Some Plaques and Signs in Perth II

Signs and Plaques in Perth III

Wades Military Roads

William Ritchie- Scientist and Mathematician

George Seton - Historian

Spanish Civil War Volunteers from Perthshire

Not to a Fanfare of Trumpets: Play Performed in Perth Museum

Alexander Balmain Bruce - Minister and Theologian

Thomas Smeation - Theologian

James Bonar - Economist

Winifred Anna Cavendish-Bentinck - Avian Rights Activist

William Thomson - Writer

John Proudfoot Strattons - Surgeon and Government Official

James Edward Gordon - Politician and Protestant Activist

John Burns Hynd - Labour M.P.

Agnata Frances (Ramsay) Butler - Classical Scholar

Patrick Matthew - Writer on Arboriculture and Evolutionary Theory

Alexander Dow - Soldier and Writer

James Browne - Journalist, Writer, and Editor

John Cunningham - Historian and Minister

Charles Bisset - Surgeon and Military Engineer

James Donn - Botanist and Horticulturist

Patrick Bannerman – Minister, Writer, and Religious

James Blow (Blaw) – Printer and Bookseller

Annot [Annie] Erskine Robinson - Suffragist, Socialist, and Pacifist

Peter Robert Drummond - Bookseller and Agriculturist

Robert Archibald Armstrong – Lexicographer

John Lanne Buchanan - Writer

George Ballingall - Military Surgeon and Medical Pioneer

T. R. Buchanan - Politician

Alexander Bryce - Mathematician and Minister

Dugald Buchanan - Gaelic Poet

James Clark Cameron - Medical Doctor and Chair of the BMA

Spanish Civil War Volunteers from Perthshire

Not to a Fanfare of Trumpets: Play Performed in Perth Museum

Suffragette Movement in Perthshire

Punishments and Executions in Perth

1926 General Strike and Perthshire

Notes on the Merchant Guilds of Perth

Industrial Militancy in Perthshire Prior to the 1926 General Strike

Battle of Tippermuir (1644)

James Connolly - Revolutionary and Trade Unionist

Oliver Cromwell - Bourgeois Revolutionary and Soldier

Frederick Douglass - Abolitionist Statesman and Author

William Farquhar - Imperialist, Soldier, and Founder of Colony of Singapore

William Shakespeare - Dramatist and Poet

Haldane, Threipland and Other Feudal Landowners

John Henry Saville - Perth Theatre and Opera House

Professor Donald B. McIntyre – Geologist

The Mylne Family - Master Masons

Hugh MacDiarmid - Poet and Political Activist

Mary Booksbank - Revolutionary

Vernon Woodward - World War 2 Fighter Pilot

Alexander Mackenzie - Canada's Second Prime Minister

General Edward Braddock - Commander British Troops Against French in America 1755

Edward Baliol - King of Scotland

William Cleland - Covenanter, Soldier and Poet

Major Jarek Jarmulski - Polish Soldier

John Welwood - Covenanter

Rob Roy MacGregor - Walter Scott's Rob Roy

Annie Erskine Robinson - Suffragist, Socialist and Pacifist

Alexander Buchan - Meteorologist

St. John of Dunkeld

Andrew - Bishop of Caithness

William Wallace - Mathematician

The Sandemans of Springland

Lawrence Tuttiett - Clergyman and Hymn Writer

John Evelyn Barlas - Poet and Anarchist-Communist

Patrick Adamson - Archbishop of St. Andrews

Adam Adair - Geographer and Cartographer

Henry Adamson - Poet and Historian

Barclay, Hugh - Judge

William Arnot - Free Church Minister

Francis Buchanan White - Entomologist

St. William of Perth

Henry Dundas - Politician

General Robert Douglas

Saint Adomnán of Iona

James Mackenzie - Medical Pioneer

Thomas Gray - Author and Poet

Gavin Douglas - Clergyman and Translator of the Aeneid

William 1st Earl of Gowrie

David Stewart - Soldier and Historian

John Logie Robertson - Poet

John Brown - Covenanting Minister

Charles Bruce - Colonial Governor and Imperialist

John Stalker - Theologian

John Blaw of Castlehill - Jacobite and Murderer

John Grierson - Father of TV Documentaries

James Eric Drummond - First General Secretary of the League of Nations

Hugh (Ewen) Cameron (1705?-1817) - Miller and Inventor

Charles Wordsworth - Clergyman and Writer

Major-General Patrick Moore of Buxtehude - Soldier

Isabel Allison - Covenanter

Patrick Blair - Botanist, Surgeon, and Anatomist

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Poet and Critical Thinker

Thomas Telford - Engineer

Neil Forsyth - Manger Covent Garden Opera House

Robert Graham - Town Clerk

Christie Cleek - Cannibal

Printing in Perth and the Morison Family

Alexander Drummond the Auchterarder Warlock

Robert Smirke - Architect

Robert Reid - Architect

Robert Sandeman - Promoter of the Glasite Church

John Barclay - Anatomist

Arthur Kimmond Bell - Distiller

George Scott Boyd - Biochemist

John Brown - Religious Figure

Neil Cameron - RAF

David Cargill - Covenanter

Robert Carver - Composer

John Alexander Dewar - Wine and Spirit Merchant

William Croft Dickinson - Historian

David Douglas - Botanist and Explorer

Alexander Duff - Missionary

Thomas Duncan - Painter

David Farquharson - Landscape Painter

Adam Ferguson - Philosopher

Marjory Kennedy Fraser - Singer and Folk Song Collector

Niel Gow - Fiddle Player and Composer

Nathaniel Gow - Composer and Musician

Thomas Graham - Soldier

Francis Grant - Painter

James Hope Grant - Soldier

Henry Duncan Littlejohn - Public Health and Medical Jurisprudence

James Lorimer - Professor of Public Law

James McGregor - Religious Figure

Johannes Machabeus - Theologian

Charles Mackay - Journalist and Songwriter

Archibald Menzies - Naturalist and Surgeon

William Murray - Judge and Politician

John Robertson Reid - Soldier and Musician

John Row - Protestant Reformer

John Row - Teacher and Minister

John Tulloch - Theologian

The Mercer Family and the Perth Lade

Merchant Guilds and Incorporations

Helen Crawfurd - Political Activist, Suffragette, and Red Clydesider

Punishments & Executions in Perthshire

Perth During the '45 Rising

Schools of Perth in the 18th and 19th Century

General George Murray of Octertyre - Peninsular War Soldier and Secretary of the Colonies in Wellington's Government

James Crichton - The Admirable Crichton

Robert Louis Stevenson - Writer

Johnny Ramensky - Safe-Cracker and War Hero

John Graham - Bonnie Dundee

Robert Cunninghame-Graham - Socialist and Nationalist

David Young Cameron - Painter

William Wordsworth - Poet

Duleep Singh - Maharajah of Lahore and King of the Sikh Empire

Henry Campbell-Bannerman - Liberal Prime Minister

Edgar Allan Poe - Writer

William Geddes and the Blairgowrie School of Painting

Perthshire Road Network - A Brief History of its Development

12th Century Perth - Brief Notes

Some Archaeological Notes

Street Regulations - February 1778

Crass - Anarcho-Punk in Perth

The Levellers

Average White Band

Charlie Gallagher - Badminton Player

Cricket: Scotland versus Australia 1972

Adam Craig Gilchrist (Nickname 'Gilly') - Australian Cricket Player; J.T. Brown - English Cricket Player; Schofield Haigh - English Cricket Player; Bruce Yardley - Australian Cricket Player; Justin Langer - Australian Cricket Player; Lal Rajput - Indian Cricket Player

Bill MacDonald - Wimbledon Tennis Umpire

Christy Moore - Folk Singer

Billy Bragg - Folk Singer and Political Commentator

Bill Wilkie - Accordion Player

Andy Stewart - Comic Singer

Jimmy Buchan - Manager of St. Johnstone F.C.

Jim Malcolm - Folk Singer

Thomas Ross - Architect

Schools of Perth in the 18th and 19th Century

Eve Graham - Singer (New Seekers)

Benjamin Zephaniah - Poet

Jess Smith - Writer, Singer, and Traditional Storyteller

Donald Sutherland - Actor

Donald Pleasance - Actor

Andy Gray - Comedy Actor

Victoria Drummond - Marine Engineer

John Rattray - Golfing Surgeon

Lena Login - Courtier - Court of Duleep Singh

Patrick Torry - Bishop

(Robert) Douglas Strachan - Stained Glass Artist

Angus Lennie - Actor

Gordon Jackson - Actor

John Gregson - Actor

Henry Shanks Keith - Judge

Lawrence MacDonald - Sculptor

John Scott Keltie (1840-1927) - Geographer

James Murray - Assassin and Radical

Alexander Frederick Whyte - Politician

Frederick Charles Wilton -Stage Manager and Actor

Richard Parker - Seaman and Mutineer