Born in Perthshire comprises a series of short essays on well-known figures born within the historical county of Perthshire. Each topical and biographical piece includes an original associated illustration. Born in Perthshire includes: William Archer:; Winifred Anna Cavendish Bentinck; Patrick Blair; General Edward Braddock; Alexander Bryce; Alexander Buchan; John Buchan; Peter Robert Drummond; Victoria Alexandrina Drummond; Mary Williamina Findlater:; David Octavius Hill; Marjory Kennedy-Fraser; Lena Login; Lawrence MacDonald; Alexander Mackenzie; James Mackenzie:; John James Rickard Macleod; Archibald Menzies; David Morrison; Eliza Ogilvy; Caroline Oliphant; Pontius Pilate; Robert Gillespie Reid; John Monteath Robertson; Thomas Ross; George Seton; Robert Stirling; John Wood. The book also includes separate chapters entitled ‘A Brief Guide to a Few of the (Historical) Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals of Perth & District’ and ‘Honorary Burgesses & Honorary Freemen of Perth’. Born in Perthshire is the first in a series of Tippermuir Mini Books, which will cover a range of subjects all with the central theme of the city of Perth and its district.

Perth: Street by Street is an architectural, archaeological, geographical, historical, and visual journey around the city of Perth’s c.630 streets, avenues, closes, roads, and vennels. Drawing on a range of disciplines, Perth: Street by Street will appeal both to those readers interested in the history and life of Perth, and to anyone who has lived, worked, or spent time in Scotland’s Fair City. For the people of Perth and those who hail from St John’s Town, the book will be particularly poignant. Within its pages, readers may find their own homes, place of birth, workplaces, schools, favourite shops, and the public architecture and civic backdrop which form a part of their everyday existence. The book is available online from Amazon and other internet retailers, and from the following bookshops: Waterstones (Perth), WHSmith (Perth), Sweet Words (Dunkeld), as well as from Gloagburn Farm Shop by Tibbermore.





BATTLEGROUND PERTHSHIRE is a concise account of the battles and minor military events that have taken place within the county of Perthshire. Comprising two thousand years of battles, raids, rebellions, sieges, riots, feuds, ambushes and skirmishes, Battleground Perthshire shines the spotlight on the military history of Scotland’s big county. Drawn from extensive primary and secondary sources: archives, eyewitness accounts and official records, it tells the fascinating stories of struggles for wealth, power, freedom and the right to self-determination. This chronicle of Perthshire’s military history stands as an important reminder of some of the events that have marked the development of the Scottish people. It will appeal both to the reader interested in the history of Scotland and to those interested in military history.

Battleground Perthshire can be bought from most bookshops in the Perthshire area: The Watermill at Aberfeldy; Sweet Words at Dunkeld; Waterstones - various stores including Perth; WHSmith - Perth and Pitlochry. And, in Perth Museum, the AK Bell Library, Gloagburn Farm Shop, the Brig Farm Shop by Bridge of Earn. Alternatively, it may be purchased for £7.00 with FREE postage and packing to any UK address {Please email for postage costs for locations outside UK}. Send cheque or postal order (payable to Tippermuir Books) to Tippermuir Books, c/o 3 Graham's Place, King Street, Perth, Perth, PH2 8HZ. It can also be bought through most of the UK online (internet) booksellers.

Spanish Thermopylae: Cypriot Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 SPANISH THERMOPYLÆ is the story of the fifty-seven Cypriots who served in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. It is also the story of a war that defined the lives of a generation and whose outcome decided the fate of hundreds of millions of people across the world. Drawing on recently released records from the Comintern Archive in Moscow, Spanish Thermopylae will appeal both to the reader interested in the experiences of the Cypriot volunteers, and to anyone looking for a concise history of the Spanish Civil War. 'This is the first book devoted solely to the contribution made by Cypriots to the cause of democracy and progress in the Spanish Civil War. It bears witness to the injustice committed against humanity by fascism in Spain and the inspirational sacrifices made by a small band of Cypriot volunteers. Spanish Thermopylae is a fitting tribute to them, and the International Brigades.' Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus 'True to the best traditions of their Greek forefathers, the heroes of the Greek War of Independence, the Cypriots rallied to the support of Spanish democracy and independence, realising that a defeat for the Spanish people would have meant world war. On the Spanish battlefields was being decided the fate of Europe and with it that of Cyprus. They recognised fascism as the greatest enemy of humanity and volunteered to help crush it... Many Cypriots lie buried in the Spanish soil fighting fascism. Cyprus is proud of her heroic sons who fell in the anti-fascist cause, but the fight is not over. We fight on until fascism is destroyed from the face of the earth.' Ezekias Papaioannou, Cypriot International Brigades volunteer and General Secretary of AKEL (1949-88) "Before many years have passed, their own countries will feel equally proud of the volunteers. That will be their best and highest reward." Juan Negrín, Prime Minister of the Spanish Republic (1937-39). It is available from



Honorary Burgesses and Honorary Freemen of Perth

Roll of Honorary Burgesses admitted in Perth since 1833

1833 Laurence Oliphant of Condie MP
1835 Fox Maule MP
1837 A Kinnaird
1841 Mr Wallace (of Kelly) MP
1842 Prince Albert
1843 Richard Cobden MP
1847 Grand Duke Constantine of Russia
1852 Lord John Russell
1853 Lord Palmerston
1861 General Sir Hope Grant
1864 General Garibaldi
1868 Lord Kinnaird
1868 Vice-Admiral Sir James Hope
1874 Sir John Chetham Mcleod
1875 Alexander MacKenzie
1879 W E Gladstone
1896 Viscount Wolseley
1898 Archibald Philip Primrose, Earl of Roseberry
1902 Andrew Carnegie of Skibo Castle
1911 Andrew Graham Murray, Baron Dunedin of Stenton
1911 Sir Robert Pullar of Tayside
1921 Rachael Pennicuik of Murrayfield

Honorary Burgess and Freeman of the City and Royal Burgh of Perth

1933 John Buchan
1933 Francis Norrie-Miller
1935 Albert Frederick Arthur George Duke of York
1935 Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Duchess of York
1938 William Mackenzie, Lord Amulree
1938 Arthur Kimmond Bell of Kincarrathie
1947 Field Marshall Earl Wavell
1948 Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
1956 Anthony Eden
1961 Stanley Norrie-Miller, Baronet of Murrayshall
1970 William Govan Farquharson of Tay Park

Honorary Freeman of the District of Perth and Kinross

1978 Sir Neil Cameron, Marshall of the Royal Air Force and Chief of
Defence Staff
1982 David Kinnear Thomson

Freedom of entry into the City and Royal Burgh of Perth on ceremonial
occasions with bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying

1947 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

More recently

British Legion
51st Highland, 7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (7 Scots)